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What we do

Welcome to the new YPU website, I expect that you agree with me that it has been long overdue but the final result has been worth waiting for. I am sure that everyone will join with me in thanking those members of the YPU Executive who have contributed to the production of the new website with a special thanks to Dave Robson AFIAP who has done all the hard work and incorporated, sometimes with great difficulty, all the suggestions of the members of the Executive and others who had an input at the design stage.

It is hoped that the new website will only be the tip of the Iceberg. In an attempt to elevate the standing of the members of YPU, and the YPU itself, throughout the photographic community the following initiatives are being progressed with vigor:

YPU organises a number of events each year:

  • The Yorkshire International Salon,, which we envisage will become an annual event on the International Salon calendar. The salon benefits from the patronage of FIAP and the PSA and in this first year is digital only but it is hoped that in 2015 we can also include a print section. Closing date for entries is 6th December 2014 and we expect to see a large entry from YPU members. Preparations are also in hand for one club to organize a small print international salon commencing in 2015, further increasing the image of Yorkshire on the international photography scene.


  • Increasing the proportion of members holding recognized awards and qualifications in photography. A mentoring system is currently being introduced to encourage members to work towards PAGB and RPS awards. Mentoring is being provided by those who already hold such awards and are currently active in national and international salons & competitions. Some of you may be unaware that there are many members of the YPU who are producing work that is winning awards at various salons and events throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Please peruse the website and you will see events that have been organized to help members apply for awards.


  • The Executive is currently working on ways to improve the success of the YPU and clubs that represent the YPU in PAGB events.


  • We are actively recruiting and training new judges as well as organizing refresher events for existing judges. These training and refresher events are designed to reflect comments on judging from clubs and their members. Additionally we have already had some success in increasing the number of judges on the list of PAGB Approved Judges and aim to increase the YPU presence on this list.


  • We have an initiative in place to recruit the best of photographers in the YPU to become speakers on the club circuit. Those who do not feel confident in public speaking will be given training and guidance in this respect.


  • We have several initiatives in place, including this new website, designed to improve communications from the YPU Executive to clubs and their members. You may wish to subscribe to the YPU Facebook presence or subscribe to the PAGB e-news, a simple google search will find these on the web.


  • Fundraising activities that will ensure club subscriptions continue at their present level and that the YPU continue to bear the cost of Trustee Liability Insurance for all clubs.


  • For those club members who desire to move their photography to the next level, we plan to increase the number of events that provide expert advice and insights from well respected photographers from throughout the UK.

YPU also:

The YPU has a good standing on the PAGB Executive and extremely good relations with the other 14 Federations that constitute the PAGB. These relationships are very important and are currently being nurtured by myself and Stephanie Cook LRPS DPAGB EFIAP. It is hoped that in 2015 some combined events can be organized with some of our neighbour federations.


If you have any ideas, comments or complaints concerning the running of the YPU please feel free to contact me directly at


Above all, enjoy your photography and enjoy being a member of a club affiliated to the YPU and the PAGB.



Past President – Yorkshire Photographic Union