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PAGB Workshop Day

2018 Workshop is now open for those interested in pursuing PAGB Distinctions 

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Review of the 2017 Workshop.

Our president opening the day.

On Saturday 28th January 2017, 31 YPU club members brought along their work to Carleton Community Centre to be assessed. The aim was to help prepare them for a future application to gain a PAGB accreditation. Expert advice was at hand led by visiting PAGB assessors, Rod Wheelans, Gordon Jenkins and Richard Spiers with support from experienced YPU photographers Howard Tate, Marilyn Roberts and Andrea Hargreaves. The morning session set the scene with an explanation of the awards themselves, what is involved in preparing for a submission of prints or digital images, and how work is assessed. This was followed by a showing on screen and evaluation of projected images brought along by some of the members present. It was clear from early on that to be successful virtually all photographs need some post-processing to clean them up and improve their presentation. Projected images need to be treated differently from a print file to take into account the very different technology used for projection. 
As all entries are treated as Open a wide range of manipulation techniques  can be used irrespective of subject matter to ensure that the final print or image is free of unwanted highlights or distractions. After the lunch break two laptops were set up for those with digital images to have their work assessed in a smaller group. Two tables were also set aside, each with two assessors, to enable print-workers to have their prints reviewed. Most potential candidates were able to have a second opinion from a different assessment team. For the printers amongst us advice covered not only choice of subject matter and print quality but also type of paper and mounts.
The ‘C’ or Credit of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain represents the standard of ‘Good Club Photography’. It was clear from the panels of successful work set up on display boards that the standard of recent submissions is high. Some of the potential candidates had already obtained their CPAGB in prints or projected images (in transparencies in my case) and were keen to see whether they had sufficiently developed their photography to consider application for a ‘D’ or Distinction which represents Open Exhibition Photography’ standard. Examples on display of a successful DPAGB panel and some prints from the few successful MPAGB holders certainly concentrated the mind. Fewer than 150 club photographers hold the highest ‘M’ or Master accolade. By the end of the day all who brought along their work had received a good idea as to whether they had sufficient prints or images to use as a basis for an application for CPAGB or DPAGB or if not what they needed to do to improve their portfolio and post-production techniques.
Along with the others present I very much enjoyed looking at some excellent prints and images during the day. It was clear to me that all had found the day extremely useful in helping them understand what they needed to do for a successful application.  I’d like to thank all our assessors for their patience, guidance, honesty and encouragement. Thanks also go to the team from the YPU Executive who helped put on the event ably led by Stephanie Cook, the caretaker and staff at the Centre for keeping us fed and warm, and those who allowed their successful print panels to be displayed.
Stephanie Cook will be keen to hear from anyone in the YPU who would like to go for PAGB accreditation. Assessments take place in April and November each year and YPU is hosting the one in November 2018 making it a good target for YPU club members. The next stage for some candidates may include further support to prepare for the award through the YPU mentoring scheme.  Full details about the PAGB awards are on the PAGB website:

Alan Stopher CPAGB

A few more images taken on the day.