Annual Exhibition 2021

The YPU is pleased to announce the arrangements for its Annual Exhibition 2021. The full rules are set out in the documents on the YPU Portal, where entries can be made, and these are reproduced below.

You can read, print, search and download the rules within the viewer below or separately download in PDF format for later.

The following points may be of particular interest:

  • This year’s Exhibition with be for Projected Digital Images (PDI) only. There will be no print entries because of Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Entries are open from 06-11-2020 and close 14-02-2021. Any changes to this will be shown on the YPU Portal.

  • Architectural and General Record PDIs have been reintroduced for this year.

  • The charge for each entry of Projected Digital Image will be £1.50. Payment details can be found in Section 7 below.

If you have any queries after reading the rules please contact the Projected Digital Images Secretary, Richard Littlefair, at