Sharing Club News

If you would like to share your club news (talk, exhibition, outing, event, award etc) then the process is very straightforward. Just send an e-mail to containing:

  • Some text, laid out as you would like to see it. Plain text is fine or HTML if you’d like to include links.

  • Some images – at least one ideally, four or five if you have them. JPG or PNG are fine, around 1000px is best. I’ll choose one of them as the featured image to link from the front page, let me know if you have a strong preference.

  • Optionally, if you have a poster in image or PDF form I can include that too.

That’s all. I’ll turn your e-mail into a web post with a link from the home page and let you know. Easy 😁

If you have any questions about this at all just ask:

Also, you can post the same information yourself to the YPU’s Facebook page: Yorkshire Photographic Union | Facebook