The YPU Constitution

1. The Yorkshire Photographic Union – Description and Aims
1.1  The Yorkshire Photographic Union (YPU) is a federation of photographic clubs principally within the historic county of Yorkshire, mutually developing the art and science of photography and closely related topics. (Throughout the Constitution and Rules, ‘club’ will mean any formal grouping of photographers).
It is a member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).

1.2  Through its membership of the PAGB the YPU provides its member clubs with lists of lecturers and judges as well as access to PAGB organised events.
Independently, it provides seminars, annual competitions, circulating portfolios and loan collections.

1.3  Any eligible photographic club may apply for membership of the Yorkshire Photographic Union.
Admission is by a majority vote of the Executive Committee (EC).

2. The Executive Committee 

2.1 Membership and Role

The affairs and property of the Yorkshire Photographic Union shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of up to seventeen members which will consist of the following:

1. President 
2. President Elect 
3. Immediate Past President
4. Treasurer and Trophy Steward
5. General Secretary
6. Member of the PAGB Executive Committee and PAGB Awards Secretary
7. Judge and Lecture List Secretary
8. Annual Exhibition Coordinator
9. Section Secretary Prints and Alliance Competition Prints
10. Section Secretary Projected Images and Alliance Competition Projected Images
11. Advance Photography Group Secretary
12. Print and Projected Images Circulation Secretary
13. Yorkshire International Salon Co-ordinator and Exhibition Catalogue Designer
14. Events Secretary
15. Webmaster
16. Publicity Officer
17. One Member with no specific office

2.2 Seven members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum at meetings.

2.3 The President is expected to hold office for two years.
Anyone accepting the office of President Elect must be prepared to accept the office of President and should have served on the Executive Committee for at least two years.

2.4 Nominations for the President Elect are made only by the YPU Executive Committee.

2.5 Minor variations in individual roles will be agreed by the Executive Committee and the Clubs notified at the next Club Representatives Meeting.

2.6 Nominations for the Executive Committee, excluding the first three named above shall be made in writing, by two members of a YPU club and should be received at least two days prior to the Annual General Meeting. An Executive Committee nomination form will be provided to all clubs.

2.7  The EC shall have powers to
a) Fill any vacancy that may occur and co-opt, for specific purposes, not more than three members, who will have the same rights and privileges as elected members.
b) Appoint panels of judges and selectors.
c) Appoint sub-committees for any special purpose to act within the powers of the EC and subject to its approval.
d) Transact any business connected with the aims and objectives of the YPU.
e) Fix the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

2.8  The General Secretary shall summon a meeting of the EC on receipt of a requisition signed by seven members of the committee.

2.9  The EC may nominate Life Vice Presidents for election at the AGM. The persons to be elected as Life Vice Presidents shall be subscribing or honorary members of federated clubs and shall have given meritorious service to the YPU.

2.10  The EC shall have the power to deal with any matters affecting the YPU which are not dealt with specifically under these rules.

3.  Member Clubs – Their Role

3.1 Each club in the YPU shall declare its membership to the General Secretary, annually and in writing by 31st December. Failure to do this will result in the club having only one representative vote at any meeting.
Each club should appoint representatives according to its size:-

Up to 40 members, 1 representative
41 to 80 members, 2 representatives
81 or more members 3 representatives

¬¬3.3 There shall be at least two representative meetings per year one of which will usually be combined with the AGM.
3.4 The notice of convening such meetings shall be dispatched to club secretaries at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.
3.5 All members of paid up clubs may attend meetings but only representatives may speak and vote.
3.6 Proxy votes must be registered with the General Secretary before the start of the meeting.
3.7 The purpose of these meetings is to receive Executive Reports, discuss their contents and to make decisions on behalf of clubs. These meetings also encourage clubs to communicate between themselves and with the Executive.

4. General Meetings

4.1 The policy of the Y.P.U. shall be controlled by a joint meeting of the appointed representatives of member clubs, members of the EC and Life Vice Presidents. Such meetings shall be known as Annual General Meetings (AGMs) or Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs).

4.2 The AGM shall be held on or before 31st March each year, when reports of the past year shall be presented, 
together with the audited accounts for the preceding financial year ending 31st December.

It shall elect the EC and Honorary Auditor, appoint representatives to other bodies as necessary and transact any other YPU business to which due notice has been given.

4.3 The annual subscription to the YPU shall be agreed at the AGM or an EGM. Such rates shall come into force at the beginning of the next financial year together with the subscription set by the PAGB. The membership of a federated club shall lapse if it has not paid its current subscription by the AGM.

4.4 These rules may only be revised or amended at the AGM and notice of any proposed revision or amendment shall be sent to the General Secretary by 31st December.
The General Secretary will provide clubs with details of these proposed revisions or amendments with the notice covering the AGM.

4.5 At the request of the EC, or at the written request of five member clubs, the General Secretary (or any person acting for the time being in that capacity) shall convene an EGM, to be held within thirty days of the request.
The notice convening such a meeting shall clearly define the business to be dealt with and be dispatched at least 21 days before the date of the meeting to all clubs who are entitled to attend the AGM.
This meeting shall have the power only to deal with matters concerning the welfare of the YPU. 

4.6 Members of the EC and Life Vice Presidents shall be entitled to speak and vote at all general meetings and when required the President shall have a second, casting vote.
4.7 At General Meetings, representatives from a quarter of paid up member clubs shall form a quorum.

5.  Other Business
5.1 All financial assets shall be held in the name of the YPU and all transactions made through the Treasurer or anyone appointed by the EC to act on its behalf.

5.2 If the YPU is dissolved, or otherwise ceases to exist its assets and property shall be transferred to the PAGB, to be held in trust and available at its discretion to any photographic union which may be created in the area previously covered by the YPU.
Should the PAGB have ceased to exist, another appropriate body should be sought.

5.3 As an organisation the Yorkshire Photographic Union will follow the General Data Protection Act 2018.
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Revised Annual General Meeting 2018