Keighley Day 2020

One viewer’s experience: Sally Sallet ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3*

There were times in the spring that we doubted that the Keighley Day would happen at all, Covid-19 prohibiting travel for our invited guests, Bob Given & Ross Mckelvey, both illustrious photographers from Northern Ireland. Then came Zoom and, with promises of fame, fortune & gin, they kindly agreed to present their work remotely.

Sadly, shortly before Keighley Day, Ross suffered a bereavement of a close friend and felt unable to attend. Not to be deterred, Howard Tate sprang into action and by some means, managed to secure the talents of Sharon Prenton-Jones FIPF,ARPS,ABPE,DPAGB,EFIAP/p, whose creative work is known to many.

It was decided, by the YPU Exec, that the Zoom presentation would be made freely available to all YPU members and after that any extra places could go to any PAGB members who wished to attend.

On the day, over 130 people logged on, to a programme of four parts.

First up was Bob Given MPAGB EFIAP EPSA FBPE, probably best known for his sports images, explaining his “Sports Photographer of the Year” accolade. He took us through a wide portfolio of sporting activities, tennis, athletics, cycling, and of course his much loved rugby (he was a rugby ref) explaining his methods, kit & positioning.
My favourite tip was

“If you see it in the viewfinder…. you’ve missed it!” 

What stood out most, apart from the technical perfection, was the importance he placed on the expressions of the sportsperson involved. (as a non-sport person I was particularly impressed by the interaction between Bob and his subject, similar to that of a portrait photographer) We were all completely blown away by the images and the modest way in which he presented his work.

Next for something completely different ….. a slightly nervous Sharon Prenton-Jones from North Wales, a relative newcomer, having only become a serious photographer in 2012! She is best known for her creative composite images such as those in her Irish Fellowship panel and rather mystic portraits. She went on to deconstruct one of her mythical pictures from studio through B&Q (for textures!) to photoshop editing. (I imagine much note taking was going on but I wonder if anyone could read, let alone understand, them afterwards?)

Bob returned, after the lunch break, with his “Mixture of Photography” and what a mixture there was too! Travel, ‘Scapes, Nature, Studio & composites. Is there a genre he hasn’t covered & excelled at? All these great photos combined with the friendly, easy manner made this a presentation not to be forgotten in a rush.

Rounding off the day was Sharon, who proceeded to offer more help on constructing composite images, including another live edit, this time of “Guinevere”. More frantic notes were taken on things such as how to make a fantasy background from a random ‘scape and how to make your own textures for use in images. Altogether a very interesting & fact filled session and including more fantasy images from Sharon’s bottomless imagination.

So, to sum up, a great day was had by all who attended and we extend our thanks to Bob & Sharon for sharing their images & passion for photography.

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  1. Excellent report of the day Sally it really was a superb day – probably the best attended Keighley Day ever and superb images from Bob and Sharon

  2. What a fantastic day, with the speakers sharing their expertise so willingly. Everyone had a ‘front row’ seat, and not left squinting from the back of the room trying to focus on the screen. Congratulations to all at YPU for pulling this off. A Great Keighley Day.

  3. What an amazing day we all had on Keighley Day 2020. What we saw on zoom meet by both Bob and Sharon was just superb, every image had a WOW effect. I am sure it was a big lift up for quite a few, with inspirational ideas and techniques to consider for future. Thanks you Sally for your report, well written.

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