Bishopthorpe CC: Mike Mezuel ‘Extreme’, Tuesday 12 April 2022, 7.30pm, via Zoom

For our next international speaker we are delighted to be joined by Mike Mezuel II from North Texas. Expect a special evening of anecdotes and stunning images of some of the wonders of nature.

Mike is a landscape and adventure photographer and storyteller. He is compelled to take photographs and is never without his camera. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in journalism. Mike is entirely self-taught and his work as a photographer and photojournalist includes just about every genre. His work is widely published and is one of Nikon’s 100 talented up and coming photographers. Mike’s real passion is recording the beauty of nature particularly at its most ‘extreme’. Mike loves the outdoors and when he isn’t on assignment he’ll probably be out camping and hiking with his dog or rock climbing.

Each spring he travels to ‘Tornado Alley’ in the central plains of the USA to witness and photograph the violent storms. In just 3 months in 2020 he drove almost 18,000 miles and shot over 14,000 images whilst following and capturing the beauty and power of the elements. Mike’s second favourite subject is active volcanoes, he regularly visits Hawaii and has travelled to Iceland to capture eruptions and lava flows as well as the Northern Lights. Mike sometimes uses aerial photography to give a different perspective of the world or even to photograph other aeroplanes.

Visit Mike’s website and you will see he is an accomplished photographer with a fantastic eye and great timing. You may even be inspired to sign up for one of his workshops.

Visitors are welcome (£5 per person). Please  make payments to 

Bishopthorpe Camera Club

Sort code: 09-01-54
Account number 97193485

Please could you put your surname as a reference on the bank transfer, and please could confirm to me when you have made the payment, thank you. Email Julia at

We look forward to seeing you again which promises to be a great evening,


BCC Secretary