Kirkbymoorside CC: Jonathan Vaines – ‘Compose Yourself…’, Thursday 5th May 2022, 7:30pm

I am sure we have all known times when an image that seemed very special when shooting, falls flat when we get back home and view it on a big screen.  We get caught up in the moment, the atmosphere of a place or event, and sometimes forget to check some of the fundamentals –

  • Are we standing in the best possible position..? 
  • Is the balance right between foreground, midground, and background..? 
  • Could the organisation of elements within the scene be improved, and how does our eye move around the image..?
  • In short:  ‘Is this a compelling composition..?’

In ‘Compose Yourself…’  Jonathan Vaines tackles the ‘black art’ of composition – taking us from basics through to some of the more complex ways to structure an image.  Drawing on years of experience as a club photographer, judge, and teacher, he’ll illustrate his talk with images that span success at the club level, through to international medal and award winners.

Based in Bedford, Jonathan describes his photography as ‘observational’,  but he also has a great love of the coast – so you’ll either find him by the sea or in a museum watching people walking up and down photogenic staircases.  You can find more about him and his work at

Guests are welcome to join this zoom presentation for a small fee, book now at: