Club Meetings and Advice for Lecturers and Judges

At the moment the Government are not advising to cancel club meetings however that situation may change at short notice. Club Committee members are advised to keep briefed of the situation and be prepared to cancel meetings at short notice

The following advice for your meeting and committee might be helpful:

  • Please follow the guidelines that have been issued by Public Health England and follow the guidance for self-isolation.
  • Those individuals who do have underlying health problems especially breathing difficulties such as asthma, obstructive airways disease, conditions with a reduced immune response, heart conditions, or any other advice received from medical staff, may wish to stay at home and avoid meetings that is understandable.
  • Individuals who have travelled to countries which are deemed hotspots should self-isolate as government advice.
  • Individuals who have the common cold or cough are advised to stay at home. They may make other members concerned particularly if they have health problems.
  • Club members who are serving tea / coffee must ensure that they have washed their hands prior to serving, disposable paper cups should be used.
  • If the situation changes nationally then follow Government guidelines and inform club members, lecturers and judges of your decision.  This may include judging by Email reports.

Lecturers and Judges 

A Lecturer or Judge on your programme may feel unable to attend your club meeting despite being a confirmed booking. This may well be because the individual has underlying health problems and has been advised to avoid unnecessary risk or have dependant relatives.

Clubs may consider that Judges could Email comments and marks for a projected image competition if appropriate.

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