Annual Exhibition Update

On behalf of the YPU Executive we sincerely hope that you are managing to stay safe and healthy during the Covid 19 outbreak, even if your photography has become a little limited.

The Annual Exhibition 2020

Many of you are perhaps wondering what plans there are for the postponed 2020 YPU Annual Exhibition which had been due in May. At the moment the Pontefract Town Hall remains closed.
The YPU Executive have discussed the situation and it is hoped that the Exhibition will go ahead and open on October 31st for a week.
I cannot stress enough that this is provisional and subject to whether the venue itself will be open. Furthermore, if it is feasible to mount the Exhibition, Government restrictions in some form or other are likely to still be in place in October. 
At the moment we are not to know whether the Covid controls will be easier or tighter.
A final decision will have to be made towards the end of the summer which we will then inform clubs about as soon as possible. In the event the Exhibition does not go ahead clubs will be notified about, delivery of Exhibition catalogues and collection of Prints etc during September.
The Exhibition judging did take place on schedule in March and the individual marks can be obtained by club competition secretaries using their log in codes to the YPU Competition website:

Please note this now provides details the acceptances to the Exhibition. Look under Federation Info > Competitions > Past Competitions.

 YPU Club Representatives Meeting and Keighley Event Day

The next YPU Club Representatives meeting is at the moment scheduled for November 7th and the Keighley Event Day for November 14th 2020. 
It is still hoped to stage both events but they are of course now subject to confirmation.


FIAP – recent successful YPU Club members

Warmest congratulations to the following YPU Club members who have received the following FIAP distinctions.
Duncan SK Hill                           Doncaster CC.    EFIAP/d1
Raymond K Brammall                 Doncaster CC     EFIAP/s
Tim Sawyer                                 Ilkley CC.            EFIAP/b
Judy Smith                                 Sheffield PS.      EFIAP
Brian Trout                                Doncaster CC     EFIAP
Sue Trout                                   Doncaster CC     EFIAP
Stephen Womack                       Focus PG            EFIAP
Peter Wells                               Wakefield CC.    EFIAP
Elizabeth J Lazenby                    Wakefield CC.    EFIAP
Michael Carver                           New Image CC    AFIAP
It is hoped to hold the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit that were scheduled for April during August 2020, however spectator access will be closed.
Stephen Dean
Yorkshire Photographic Union

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