Bishopthorpe Camera Club zoom meeting Invitation; Paméla Aminou, ‘When less is more’, Tuesday 3 November, 7.30pm

Bishopthorpe CC are delighted to announce the next speaker in our Autumn series; Paméla Aminou, on Tuesday 3 November, 7.30pm.

Paméla Aminou is a self-taught fine art photographer based in London (UK) but hailing originally from West Africa. Prepare to be astonished not only by her talent but also the fact that she uses just a single lens for all her work. Paméla specialises in long exposure, minimalist monochrome architectural photography.

Each photograph is processed using light and shadows to shape the image to her own vision and to tell a story that reflects the feelings she experienced whilst capturing the picture. Paméla will share how she finds her subjects and develops the initial photograph into a striking and emotive image.

See Paméla’s main website at She also maintains the Photography & Vision site where she regularly posts blogs about photographers who have influenced her. You may also be interested in her ebook ‘A Quick Guide to Minimal Architecture’.

Tickets are £5 per person, for more information please contact

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