YPU 2021 Assembly and Exhibition News

Our 2021 Assembly and Exhibition is fast approaching

A lot of work is going on behind the scenes and we aim to publicise updates here as soon as they are available.

•         The 2020 accepted prints are being framed at Bradford.

•         The 2021 PDIs have been judged and a selection of the highest scoring images will be shown at Bradford.

•         The Annual Assembly will be held by Zoom starting at 10.30am on Saturday 24th April. There will be introductions and video clips to give a flavour of the exhibition. An abridged version of the PDIs will be shown including trophy and certificates winners and images scoring 13 and above. The full list of acceptances will be made public after the Assembly concludes.

•         The provisional dates for the exhibition at Bradford National Science and Media Museum are 19th May 2021 – 27th June 2021. Ours will be the first special exhibition open to the public after a year of closures. It will display all 2020 accepted prints, a selection of the 2021 PDI entries and some additional interactive elements

•         The printed catalogue will be produced in time for the exhibition.

•         To visit the exhibition in person, everyone will need to book a timed slot in advance. The link will be included here as soon as the link is made available.

•         Information on parking and public transport links will appear here as well.

Watch this space for more news.